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Procurement, Purchasing, Types of Contracts, Risk Factors – PMP/CAPM

What is Procurement, Purchasing, Types of Contract and the Risk Factors Involved Questions like what is the difference between Procurement or Purchasing, Agreement or Contract, how to select the Procurement Contract, who carries the risk in which kind of Contract and many more are answered in this article. An article is a good place for…

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Pinterest – Project Management Knowledge base

Knowledgebase for Project Managers and Business Analysts Project Management and Business Analysis is not an easy job, we need to keep learning and we need to keep adapting. The Board is my effort to transfer the knowledge which I gained over the last 18+ years of my professional Career.    

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7 Essential Business Analyst Skills

7 Essential Business Analyst Skills A business analyst deals with corporate evaluation and modelling on an everyday basis. If you are contemplating becoming a professional analyst, you’re in the right place. If you want to stand out and enhance the productivity of your business, this list shares important corporate analyst strengths: 1. Communication: Business analysts should…

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8 Common Project Manager Mistakes

8 Common Project Manager Mistakes No one can be a master of all; it’s too difficult a task. But you can definitely be a Jack-or-Jill-of-all-trades. As project managers, we wear multiple hats—from being facilitators and problem-solvers to translating corporate needs into actionable plans for teams and supporting assets This exposes our weaknesses on multiple fronts….

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9 Essential Leadership Traits

9 Essential Leadership Traits When we think of project managers, we think of team leaders accountable for delivering the project within the allocated deadline and budget set by the client. In reality, it takes a lot to become a project manager. Achieving a leadership position comes with massive responsibility and requires certain character qualities. Leaders…