PMP® Exam is changing Significantly in July ’20

Don’t lose the option to attain this certification before the exam change date. If you check the PMP crossover Document, you would realize that for 50% of the exam, even PMI is saying Your current course may have limited content to address this new domain.

People : 42% limited content
Process : 50% full content
Business : 8% Limited Content

NEW! PMP Exam Content Crossover Map

The PMP Exam Content Crossover Map will help you identify areas of content to update your PMP Exam Prep Course so it is aligned to the 2020 Exam Content Outline (ECO). This document is only a guideline to identify what possible content from your old course you may want to repurpose.

Please use the following exam content outlines in conjunction with the crossover document to identify content:

  1. Current PMP Exam Content Outline 
  2. Exam Content Outline for June 2020 
  3. 2020 PMP Exam Content Crossover Map 


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