Success! Two days two PMP’s #PMP30DaysChallenge

I have been providing Coaching and mentorship to PMP Aspirants for the past 12 years, and I have had the opportunity to have worked and taught a lot of amazing people with much success.

I had designed the #PMP30DaysChallenge as an experiment based on my years of experience in the field that it is the best duration to prepare for the PMP exam – Just 30 days in order to be in the best condition to go through the PMP exam and overcome it with ease.

And even though I had my entire experience to back me, I had a small concern regarding ‘a big’ IF I’ve hit the right proportions in this kind of course. But after I saw that two of my students have successfully passed the PMP Certification with exceptional results in a very short time, I was happy to solidify the notion that YES, THIS WORKS AS INTENDED. The success story doesn’t end here, the remaining has already scheduled the exam and will be attempting them shortly.

Something that I cannot emphasize enough is that you need to work and press hard to get yourself PMP certified before the entire exam changes in January 2021, and the book changes in Q1 2021

Most of the people whom I had the honour of helping through to clearing their PMP

exams, every single one of them faced the same issue:

  1. I have no energy left by the time I reach home
  2. I have no time / I just can’t manage preparing for this / I have too much to do / I don’t have time to give.

So, what this course focuses on is working through two very important things without breaking them:

  • Expense of Mental Energy
  • Routine

This is where I decided to make a challenge for every PMP aspirant out there – I challenge that you will be able successfully pass your PMP exam after this rigorous routine, and I challenge you that you will be able to take out the necessary time for it.

So, to put everything further into perspective, we take around 30 days to slowly build a foundation for all the topics pertaining to the PMP examination. One of the challenges of shorter 2-8 days of weekday classes is they can not do the justice with the subject in terms of detail, whereas I have designed the course to help everyone (yes, everyone) to take in small amounts, make good connections with the concepts and then build upon it. We take our time and do it right, instead of rushing through the entire process and then ‘hoping for the best’.

Start manufacturing your luck by getting to know all the variables in place, and then making sure that you control all of them.

Meet you in the class.

Kindest Regards,

Mudassir Iqbal

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