Mudassir Iqbal


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What I Do!

I Consult

I'm on the Management Team as the COO at AnaConEx Solutions. Our offices are in Pakistan, UAE, KSA, and USA. We're your one-stop shop for Odoo, and we've completed over 50 implementations since 2020.

I Coach

I am a project management professional, consultant, trainer, and enthusiast. Since 2007, I’ve also been delivering my PMP Certification Simplified course  helping 100% of the PMP aspirants who I’ve worked with to up their project management skills and attain the PMP Certification.

I Write

My Corner! is my way of giving back to the world. I write on the topics which are close to my heart and share the experience that I got over the past 20 years in my professional life.

I Speak

I speak in online and onsite sessions and conferences. The objective is to share my 20+ years of experience with the audience.

I Host

TechTalk with Mudassir is a weekly session that we conduct with the bright minds of Pakistan and introduce the technology to the common people of Pakistan.

Our Courses

Unlock Your Potential with My Courses on Empowering Leaders, Building Teams, and Nurturing Emotional Intelligence.

Your One Stop Solution to PMP Certification Exam

“Project Management Terms and Concepts” provides a comprehensive overview of various terms and concepts commonly used in the field of project management. Some of the key topics covered in the article include project planning , project execution , project control , project closure , project management tools , and methodologies such as Agile , Waterfall , and Lean .

The article provides clear and concise definitions for each of the terms and concepts discussed , making it a useful resource for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of project management .”

Muntaser Almurad IT Leadership & Digital transformation

I enjoyed working with Mudassir in a challenging End-to-End Technology Ecosystem Business Transformation program at Flow Progressive Logistics. In this Ecosystem Program, sound Program / Project Management skills and forward thinking capabilities were of great value from a key player like Mudassir. He is reliable and he has exceptional expertise in being able to successfully lead initiatives beyond his responsibilities and duties

Mirza Mahmood ul Hasan (FCA) MD at Fudiciam

Mudassir is highly skilled, self-motivated, methodical and very adaptable. His positive attitude and mature approach help him shine in the most challenging environments. Having successfully delivered many projects with Mudassir, I consider him a Project Manager of choice who would be an asset to any company. The most impressive thing about Mudassir is his innovative thinking and industry insights. He is a clear and thorough thinker and can be depended upon to get the job done

Sangeeta Thatsuthan PMP

The classes are very concise and helps to tease out the core valuable things to study for PMP. Instructor is always available for questions and enables all the tools available to be successful for any type of learner.

Shahbaz (Ahmed) Chughtai PMP

Excellent trainer, vocal, professional, knowledgeable. Explains with examples and references. Makes pretty good use of technology. Courses are well designed and well delivered.


If you are looking for PMP training and support, Mudassir is your go to! He has been very helpful and in addition to acting as a trainer, he also has a lot of very useful information he has put together to help you prepare. Highly recommended!

Jerry Marzin PMP

Mudassir was very well prepared and engaging with all students. He brought his personal experiences and training to the class which helped me to better understand the content of PMBOK and AGILE concepts. I would highly recommend this course to anyone preparing for the PMP exam.

Muhammad Salman

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Mudasir Iqbal, with whom I had the privilege of working at Anaconex. Mudasir is not just a great individual to be around but also an outstanding mentor and coach. His positive attitude and ability to navigate through conflicts with grace and effectiveness are truly admirable. Mudasir possesses a unique blend of leadership and empathy, making every team interaction not just productive but also enjoyable. His guidance and insights have been invaluable, fostering a learning environment that encourages growth and collaboration.

A glimpse into my world – experiences, feelings, and takeaways.  It’s a space where I invite you to join me on a reflective and insightful exploration of life, growth, and everything in between

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