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CxO Global Forum is a for-profit organization founded in Jan 2019 to build a knowledge-sharing platform for Global Thought Leaders, this is the largest C Level network in Pakistan. Members from USA, UK, KSA, UAE, Canada & Pakistan are part of the Forum and contributing to the knowledge economy.

Inspiring Excellence: Meet the visionary Odoo Champion Mudassir Iqbal.

Thank You, Mudassir Iqbal, for your time and sharing your valuable insights with us. Your willingness to share your expertise and knowledge with our audience is greatly appreciated.

April 27, 2023 

How ODOO is serving the market and what are the opportunities for youth


Project TTF 3.0-Mudassir Iqbal

Guest Speaker: Mudassir Iqbal


Discussion on Digital Transformation & the Role of IT

#CIO. #ITD, #CDO, they are no more heading cost centre for organizations. They are at the forefront of all these changes that are happening in the business space. They are gradually but surely making themselves a permanent feature of strategic discussions. Whatever company’s line of business may be doing, whichever industry it belongs to, without Agile and transformed IT, they cannot beat the competition. 

In this talk with Mudassir IQBAL, we talk about digital transformation.

If you’re not a professional of digital transformation, then you’ll want to watch this interview because first, we’ll cover all the basics of digital transformation, and second, with my guest, Mudassir IQBAL, we’ll expand the talk about what could bring digital transformation within an organization. It’s a “could”, not an “always end result”.

This episode of “The Project Management Series”, talks about agility in larger corporates and in SMEs & startups. Different problem statements hence different solutions are required to achieve the end goal of achieving an agile organization, depending on whether it is a larger, experienced corporate or a smaller, younger company.


Project Management is a large and complex field and it sometimes becomes difficult to comprehend it in totality.  The Seminar was delivered to discuss the following;
– What are the top 5 mistakes Project Managers make without knowing?
– How to avoid these mistakes?
– What are the next steps that could help you become a better project manager?

Guest on Entrepreneur Rocket Fuel, arranged by Entrepreneur Experts Cafe on 3rd June 2020


Resource Speaker on the subject “Introduction to Project Management” in their annual program “PICE-WRSA 2019 Year-End General Assembly” 

Plexus Event

Plexus – Project Manager’s Journey to Certification -2019

KEF – JEDDAH hosted an Introductory session for PMP Certification for Jeddah Chapter Members in 2017

UAP – United Architect of Philippines hosted an event to introduce Project Management to their Jeddah Chapter Members