Mudassir Iqbal

Quantitative Risk Analysis : PMP/CAPM

Quantitative risk analysis is a process of evaluating the potential impact of uncertain events on a project or business. It involves the use of mathematical models and statistical techniques to estimate the likelihood and potential consequences of different risks. The goal of quantitative risk analysis is to identify and prioritize the most significant risks so […]

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A probability and impact matrix is a tool used in qualitative risk analysis to evaluate the likelihood and impact of identified risks. It uses a numerical scale to rate the likelihood and impact of each risk, which can then be used to prioritize risks and develop strategies to mitigate or manage them. This matrix specifies […]

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Qualitative Risk Analysis : PMP/CAPM

Identifying risks is a never-ending task, although some are more likely to occur than others. In addition, certain hazards will inflict a substantial amount of damage to your enterprise, while others will barely make a dent. Therefore, we wish to concentrate our efforts on events that are not only probable but also have the most […]

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