Mudassir Iqbal

Navigating Mental Health After Medical Trauma: A Daily Struggle

I often compare our physical health to a battery, which we can recharge with rest, nourishment, and care. It’s a simple idea: make the effort, and you’ll see the results. However, what happens when life throws us a curveball, such as a medical trauma, that not only drains our physical energy but also affects our […]

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

A strong diversity, equity and inclusion strategy can help your organization attract top talent and drive innovative results. Research shows that even just the presence of physical diversity results in better performance. “Companies with more inclusive business cultures and policies see a 59% increase in innovation and 37% better assessment of consumer interest and demand.” International Labour Organization“ Diversity, equity, […]

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The Problems With Monetary Motivators

The Problems With Monetary Motivators Many business owners think that getting peak performance from employees is simple—just tie cash rewards to goals. This technique is a mistake. One size doesn’t fit all, as every human being is at a different stage of their life and will be motivated by different rewards and recognition. The biggest […]

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