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Verified deliverables and Accepted deliverables are essential concepts in project management, indicating different stages of deliverable approval. A Verified Deliverable has undergone verification processes to ensure it meets predefined criteria and specifications. On the other hand, an Accepted Deliverable has been reviewed and approved by stakeholders or clients, signifying their satisfaction with the final outcome. These terms play a crucial role in project execution and client relationship management, influencing project closure and overall success.

Verified Deliverables

Verified deliverables refer to complete project deliverables that have been approved for precision and rightness. This is one of the outputs produced by the control quality process of Project Quality Management. Also, it is used by the validate scope procedure as one of its inputs that ratifies the acceptance of the completed project deliverables. Verified deliverables are often required by various practices within project management.

Verifying a Deliverable is Internal Process

Getting a Deliverable Accepted is Client facing Process

Accepted Deliverables

Accepted deliverables are products and services that meet the definite acceptance standards. It’s a software product distributed in different phases of an ultimate product requirement or a document and report that makes up the overall project.

It’s important to note that the major characteristics of accepted deliverables comprise of small deliverables that make up the final project. Accepted deliverables form the collection of documents, software or hardware delivered to the client in various phases of project management duration. Last, of all, these deliverables are quantifiable, tangible, and time-specific. This is an output from the Validate Scope Process of Project Scope Management.

The Validate Scope process differs from the Control Quality process in that the former is primarily concerned with acceptance of the deliverables, while the latter is primarily concerned with correctness of the deliverables and meeting the quality requirements specified for the deliverables

Difference between Verified Deliverables and Accepted Deliverables

  • Verified – have been completed and checked for correctness by the Quality Control process.
  • Accepted – have been accepted through the Validate Scope process.
  • Deliverable, the output from Direct and managed project Work (Project Integration Management) is an input to the Control Quality Process to be tested for completion and correctness

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Important Note

There is nothing like a Validated Deliverable in the Project Management for PMP

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