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ADKAR is a framework for change management that is designed to help individuals and organizations navigate change effectively. The acronym ADKAR stands for

A – Awareness of the need for change

D – Desire to support the change

K – Knowledge of how to change

A – Ability to implement new skills and behaviours

R – Reinforcement to sustain the change

Organizational change requires individual change

The ADKAR model was developed by Prosci, a leading provider of change management solutions. It is based on the idea that successful change management requires a focus on the individuals who are impacted by the change. The model emphasizes the importance of addressing individual concerns and providing the necessary support and resources to ensure that individuals can successfully adopt the new ways of working.

The model was developed nearly two decades ago by Prosci founder Jeff Hiatt after studying the change patterns of more than 700 organizations

The ADKAR model can be applied to a variety of change initiatives, from process changes to technology implementations to organizational transformations. By addressing the five key elements of the model, change managers can increase the likelihood of successful change adoption and reduce resistance to change.

The ADKAR® Change Management Model : Using Goals to Accomplish Change By the Mind Tools Content Team

Phases of ADKAR Model





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