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Best ways project managers can improve writing skills

As a project manager, you should have excellent verbal and written skills. You should be able to communicate your ideas clearly and express a well-focused message accurately.

But the truth is most of us are not good at writing. It’s challenging for us to choose the right words and put our thoughts on paper. And if we want to become more effective project managers, we need to improve our writing skills.

Access your current skills and set writing goals

The first thing you should do is to assess your current writing skills. What is your biggest writing issue? Do you make too many grammar mistakes? Or, maybe the problem is that you can’t express your ideas clearly?

Look through the emails, reports, and other papers you have recently written. Try to define your common mistakes. Then, set two or three writing objectives. Here is an example of possible objectives:

  • Goal #1 – To enhance writing vocabulary
  • Goal #2 –To get rid of common syntax errors
  • Goal #3 – To make writing style more formal

Start blogging

One of the best ways to improve writing skills is to practice on a regular basis. And what is the easiest way to motivate yourself to practice in writing in 2020? It’s blogging.

You can start your own blog about project management and share your professional knowledge with your peers. Or, you can choose any niche related to your hobby.

It doesn’t really matter whether you will write about business, fashion, sport, or culinary. If you publish two articles weekly, you will get enough practice and enhance your skills.

You can choose any blogging platform you like:

  • org
  • Blogger
  • Ghost
  • Medium
  • Instagram or Facebook (if you want to start a micro-blog)
  • Your professional website (in case if you have one)

Take writing classes

There are dozens of free writing classes on the web, and you can find one that matches your goals. You can take courses in business writing, email writing, academic writing, crowdfunding writing, and creative writing to level up your skills.

If money is not an object, you can also enroll in paid courses. Check available courses at the following platforms:

  • org
  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • SkillShare

Read more books

How many books have you read this year? Can you find 15 minutes in a day to read more?

Charles Clarks, an editor at TopEssayWriting, says, “The more you will read, the better you will write. Reading will help you to expand your vocabulary and to memorize the spelling of sophisticated words. Thanks to books, you will get acquainted with different writing styles and find your own one”.

As a project manager, you should choose books related to business, leadership, self-development, and psychology. However, if you’re more into the mystery, thrillers, and crime fiction, don’t force yourself to read something that you don’t like. Pick books that bring you joy. Every book, if it’s a well-written one, can teach you something new.

Use advanced online tools

Some of your writing issues can be fixed with the use of AI-powered tools and services. For instance, grammar checkers like Grammarly can help you spot incorrectly spelled words, misused commas, and some basic typos. Apps like Hemingway can help you to simplify your texts and make them easy-to-read.

The development of technology does not stand still, and new writing solutions appear every day. Check out whether there are any new tools available that can solve your major issue and improve your skills.

Get help from professional writers

When you are working on skills improvement, you need to track your progress. You should compare the quality of your texts before and after you have started practicing in writing. It will allow you to understand whether you are moving in the right direction.

Naturally, it might be challenging for you to analyze the quality of your own works. So it will be a wise idea to get professional help from writing companies like TrustMyPaper and GrabMyEssay. Reach out to the experts in business writing, and ask for feedback. Keep in mind that experts will be honest with you, and you should be ready for both: praise and criticism.

Follow writers and journalists on social media

How does your social media feed look like? What type of social media content do you consume day by day? If you use social media just to watch hilarious cat videos and discover new travel destinations, here is a tip for you. Start following writers, journalists, and other media celebrities who are good at writing.

By reading interesting posts, you will learn something new every day. You will see that it’s possible to express ‘a big idea’ in one short Instagram caption or tweet. That will inspire you to keep working on your writing skills and strive for excellence.

General tips on how to create better texts

Do you want to improve the quality of your report, memo, or email right now? Here are a few handy tips for you:

  • Present the key idea first and only then go into details. Don’t jump from topic to topic.
  • Start a new paragraph when you start discussing a new point.
  • Use bulleted lists to present multiple points.
  • Choose simple word alternatives over sophisticated ones.
  • Keep your sentences short. It will be easier for readers to understand your idea.
  • Proofread each and every text you create. Don’t skip this step!

Wrapping up

Excellent writing skills are essential for your career growth. So don’t waste your time and start working on your skills improvement right now. Enroll in a writing course, read a book, start using AI-powered tools and apps. Don’t wait until someone with better writing skills gets a promotion you have been dreaming about. Act now.

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