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The Project Management Professional (PMP) is an international certification of project management. Combining the top three project management approaches including agile, predictive, and hybrid, you will be able to learn and gain expertise when managing complex projects. The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers this certification to applicants from around the world and aims at maintaining the highest level of professional standards.

Published on Project Cubicle on 22 Jun - 2021
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Many organizations across the globe are running several thousands of projects every year to come up with something more productive and innovative. It is easy to understand the importance of project management for the effective execution of projects. In today’s highly competitive market, businesses are focusing on a more structured and strategic approach to stand out among the competition. Looking for more information regarding the benefits of Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification? Read On!

What are the Benefits of Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification?

Having the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification provides many benefits to professionals. Here below you can find a few of them.

Establishes Credibility

When you get a Project Manager Professional (PMP) certification, it makes your professional knowledge, experience, and education more credible. Before applying for the accreditation, it is compulsory to have 3-5 years of experience primarily depending on your academic background. Acquiring this certification means you are adhering to the professional code of conduct and ethics. This way, you take one step ahead of many other project managers. You are more likely to show a higher level of expertise and professionalism which enhances your credibility in an organization.

More Job Opportunities

In the last few years, the diverse and dynamic industry of project management has tremendously flourished. Today, employers look forward to a more experienced and skilled individual in their hiring process. With the increasing demand for project managers, you must stand out. Well, this certification will give the real boost. Obtaining a PMP certification opens doors for many career opportunities on your way. It is a key requirement, especially in multi-national organizations.

Advanced Skills

Improving your skills is one of the key benefits of the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification. PMP certification significantly helps you with learning new and advanced skills to improve your existing knowledge. It is not simply a certification but a journey that takes you through trials and challenges for career growth. It evaluates your fundamental and advanced knowledge and helps you with learning and improving your soft and hard skills – From technical competencies to many soft skills such as conflict resolution, resource management, leadership, and more.

Language Mastery

If you want to be a successful professional manager, there is a very long list of technical terms that you must thoroughly understand and be able to communicate. While you are more likely to learn this language on professional training, you will be able to master this by completing this accreditation. This course makes sure that you are not simply going through these terms and concepts, but rather understanding them with professional knowledge. Since you will be using these terminologies every day, it is crucial to understand and learn them in the best possible way.

Job Security

The world is constantly changing. Consequently, job security is becoming more fragile. Many professionals are concerned about keeping up with their job positions. Here technology plays a major role in maintaining job security as many organizations are moving towards a hybrid model (in-office and home-based). As a result, the employment prospects for project managers are still high in demand. Well, the risk is still there. When any organization undergoes the phase of downsizing, a certification in project management gives you good job security.

Manage Complicated Projects

Certified project managers are usually given relatively more complex projects. These can be international projects where you will need to manage different teams may be from across the world. Where there are many productive prospects and outcomes, there is a likelihood for risk as well. You will need to go through the complex risk evaluation and financial structure and budgeting. Fortunately, the certification holders are familiar with the tools and knowledge to handle the projects efficiently. Even if you want to work with government projects, achieving this certification can make a difference.

Networking Opportunities

One of the most important benefits of Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification is that it grows your network. As soon as you complete the PMP exam, you are more likely to expand your professional network. When networking with industry experts, you will be able to bring more innovation. The active number of PMP certification holders is no less than 1,200,000 and you can easily expect this growth to go further. The prestigious institute of PMI hosts meetings every year inviting professionals from across the world. These meetings provide you with great opportunities to network and build professional contacts. When you engage with successful project managers, you will learn something new every time you meet them. These connections can further help you with better career opportunities.

Career Growth

The expected job opportunities for project managers have an excellent potential for growth every year. This means you can be a valuable part of this fast-paced growing industry if you are looking forward to pursuing your career in this field. We can see these employment opportunities being segregated into different jobs such as agile project manager, agile coach, etc. Because PMP certification is acknowledged in several countries and industries, you will always have a better chance to grow and establish your career. It is no surprise that obtaining PMP certification will give you great career prospects and an above-average salary.

Before wrapping up let me also quickly provide an overview of the certification process.

PMP Certification Process

1. Register on the PMI website

2. Become a member (Fees : 139 USD)

3. Take the 35 hours Project Management Education course from PMI Certified Trainer

4. Review the PMI-approved course content with a PMI Certified Trainer

5. Apply for the exam (Fees: $284 for Members )

6. Take the exam (Onsite or Online)

7. Get Certified and become part of 1,200,000 strong PMP Certified members

8. Recertify in 3 years with submission of 60 hours of Professional Development Units (PDUS)

Wrapping Up

The reasons are quite obvious that why many project professionals in more than 150 countries have obtained and advanced their PMP certification. The global market is becoming more competitive every day and to set yourself from the crowd, a certification can help you. From professional knowledge and skills to credibility and impressive career growth, the benefits of PMP Certification are powerful. It is not simply about getting yourself on a high salary scale but improving your overall career growth. From preparation to completing the exam, this journey will push you to excel and be recognized. Nothing is unachievable, all it requires is determination and commitment. I would like to end this blog with an inspirational quote:

“Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward.” ~ Joy Gumz

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