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Effort, Duration and Schedule

Understanding these three terms are very important not only for Exam reasons but to provide good and reliable estimates

The effort is the number of labour units required to complete a Task. It is usually expressed in hours, days or weeks worked.

Duration is the total number of work periods required to complete a Task. It is usually expressed as working days or working weeks.

The schedule is when you plan your tasks on Calendar

(Effort) = (Duration) * (Number of Resources)

  • Efforts is job will take 2 man days
  • Duration is it will take 1/2 day to complete
  • The schedule is Monday, 1200 pm we will start the project

Two Sentences which are a world apart usually used interchangeably in our fraternity

“Well! we will take around 10 hours to complete it

“The job will be done in 10 hours”

Sentence one is dealing with efforts without any duration and Sentence 2 is dealing with Duration without mentioning efforts

Efforts vs Duration
Quick and Easy: The Difference Between Effort and Durations

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