Mudassir Iqbal


PDCA/PDSA is a four-stage iterative approach for continually improving the processes by Walter A. Shewhart and Edward Deming. This is a 4 step management method for better control and continuous improvement. P(lan) D(o) C(check) A(ct)/ Plan-Do-Study-Act i.e Continually Improving, in a Methodical Way Phases of PDCA/PDSA The phases or steps of the PDCA/PDSA cycle are […]

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Project Cost Management Video – PMP/CAPM (PMBOK 6 – ECO 2019)

Project Cost Management No Initiative will be approved and no project will get into execution until the Project Manager or Project Management team provides the project schedule and the project budget.  These are baselined during the Planning process Group so that can be used for measuring the progress of the project against a Project Management […]

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