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Technology is constantly reshaping industries worldwide. It is a challenge that an expert CIO (chief information officer) has to face within their line of work. The professionals must analyze how emerging or existing technologies will affect existing business processes or benefit a company. 

CIO challenges: what are they?

It’s not always an easy decision because CIOs of all firms, including those that manage the top slot sites, have to consider what’s best for the organization. Below, we shall look at the top CIO challenges 2022 professionals have to consider. 

Managing Expectations and Risk by CIO

Among the top challenges is managing risks and expectations that technology brings about. The professionals may need to collaborate with risk management experts to develop plans that focus on core business operations. These can include business continuity, disaster recovery, risk assessment, and mitigation to tackle CIO challenges head-on. Keep in mind that adopting new technology, approaches, and trends also make a considerable part of CIO challenges that the professionals face.  

Not Focusing on Customer Experience

Most IT firms typically operate from a tech-first perspective. It accounts for one of the CIOs` biggest challenges in today’s business world because focusing on technology alone and neglecting consumers can be a liability. Today, chief information officers need to focus on what end-users need and want adequately. It will help deal with the challenges that border on services or products that do not attract engagement or adoption. 

Response to Covid as One of CIO Challenges 

It’s not possible to talk about challenges without mentioning COVID. There are plenty of CIO challenges post-Covid that developed with countries all over the globe dealing with travel restrictions and lockdowns. CIO’s now have to deal with the problem of bringing an entire workforce online and enabling employees to work efficiently from home. Among the issues that arise from these include virtual training of staff about remote access, scaling cloud capacity, using virtual private networks (VPN) to address security issues, and many more. 

New Security Threats 

Another example of CIO challenges that probably keep the experts up at night is the invention of new cyber threats. The security threat landscape keeps changing and evolving at a fast rate. With new threats coming up often, it can be challenging for some CIOs to keep up, yet they must ensure their companies are safe from the threats. The experts must be extra vigilant with some of these CIO challenges to ensure businesses stay afloat. 

Staff Resistance 

Driving digital culture in a company remains one of the CIO`s key challenges. While some staff members welcome the changes that technology brings forth, others can resist the changes that tech brings to an organization. It implies that the experts have to deal with the challenges of getting everyone on board to work towards a common business goal. 

Mastering Networks ; Challenge for CIOs

When discussing CIO challenges, it’s only fair to mention mastering networks as part of their issues. Perhaps one of the CIO`s biggest challenges is maintaining a healthy network. Digitization efforts become futile in the absence of a solid network. Honestly, this is among the most serious CIO challenges because the professionals can lose credibility fast, and the staff will cease seeing them as change leaders. CIOs must put in the effort to develop healthy and robust networks as part of offering solutions to the challenges they face. 

Bridging Skills Gaps 

Amidst CIO challenges, digital transformation is recruiting the right talent to keep up with the demands of the shift. Many CIOs agree that one of their challenges is upskilling tech staff to ensure they have the proper mix of skills in a firm. The driving force behind this set of CIO challenges is an investment in technology like data analytics, cybersecurity, and AI. Professionals sometimes hire contract workers to bridge the skills gap creating new CIO challenges like protecting intellectual property and personal data security. 

Increasing Investment in Edge Computing 

Numerous transformed organizations have to work with data growth outside data centers. Huge data quantities that remote branches, IoT smart gadgets, and mobile devices generate cause fresh CIO challenges. What makes challenges of CIO is that they have to deploy computing power and storage capabilities to keep business running well. 

Budgetary Influences 

Budgetary influences are also part of the top CIO IT challenges. Most business leaders believe their organizations need to speed up digital transformation to stay ahead of the competition. It develops CIO challenges as professionals strive to spend on tech innovations that keep their firms more competitive. At times, CIO challenges come in the form of sourcing new revenue streams that will ensure the digital transformation process is a success. 

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CIOs Becoming Educators 

In the past, CIOs were only affiliated with IT decisions. Today, things have changed because they have to double up as educators, especially to executive teams and other staff members. It is one of the challenges because the professionals have to think about how the transformation will increase performance and relay the message to investors and CEOs. The experts need to constantly deal with the challenges of showing businesses what is possible through tech. 


Today’s digital world presents numerous CIO challenges that professionals must tackle to keep businesses operating profitably. Above are some of the top challenges the professionals should note down. Do you feel digital transformation brings about a new set of challenges for CIOs? Let us know what you think.

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