Mudassir Iqbal

We all know that the world is changing very fast, same is the case with the education field. Both trainers and students have to face a different kinds of challenges every day than they used to about 5-10 years back. Following is my take on online Study.

Convenience in Online Study

You can attend these courses at your own pace. Most courses are self-paced and can be done during your spare time. If you are a fast learner, you can complete it early. If you need a little more time, you are free to go through the details ‘one last time’, it’s your choice.

Comfortable while studying from your own comfort

Only internet access is required. The courses can be attended in the comfort of home, during office lunchtime, the gym or even when lying down before going to sleep.

Ease of Communication

Or I would say a new and more complex type of communication. Assuming that you already have a Facebook account or a Quora account, collaboration with other students and professionals around the world is just one click away. A Skype call (or similar) can substitute for a face-to-face meeting so the instructor and the candidate can sit down and discuss topics that are best-explained face-to-face.

Cost Effective

Learning a new course or skill has never been cheaper or more accessible. In addition to saving commute time, you can choose the location of your learning.

Induce Self-Discipline

You will need to be self-disciplined. Even though the entire course is self-paced, setting your own goals for completing the courses in a timely manner is the best approach. Once you have gotten yourself geared up, these skills are priceless on a day to day situations.

Enhance your Resume

The addition of online courses to your Resume’ will greatly enhance your image as a potential candidate and your chances of successfully landing an interview for a very simple reason that it shows that you are a self-motivated individual who is committed to continuous improvement.


Usually, three types of support are available to online course candidates, which together surpass the assistance a student usually gets during classroom training.

1. FAQs
2. Community Forums
3. Direct Trainer Support

At the end; yes it may at this point not give you a complete alternative for bachelor’s and master’s education, but the days are not far away when education will completely become mobile in its true sense.

5 thoughts to “Advantages of Online Study

  • Patricia

    I am looking for CBAP online course and an affordable and credible one too.
    Any referrals please?

    • Webmaster

      We will shortly start the same. I have been providing the CBAP class-room training since 2014 and now starting an online course soon. If you could wait for about 30-45 days, we will definitely offer you a good deal.

    • Mudassir


      check my course and see if this making sense to you and would you be interested in something like that for CBAP, as CBAP is next in line

  • Bob Mattia

    Way back in the early days apprentice or mentor were the operative forms of learning. Unfortunately time and money are in short supply as our world has become a race to the finish. On line learning is becoming more of an option. It’s not the best option but it gives the learner an initial exposure. It cannot replace hands on, on the job experience with the guidance of an experienced and well trained mentor or trainer. However one can achieve both formal and practical training that is beneficial. The only concern with online training is the lack of urgency which plagues most enterprises. We all need someone to push us a bit to accomplish tasks efficiently and rapidly. That’s the real world!

    • Mudassir

      You are right Bob, I am building up a process that would add a hugely weighted parameter of accountability in online courses. This will be out very soon, hopefully by 11th September, especially for all PMP aspirants


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