PMP Concepts

Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom – DIKW Pyramid

Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom Pyramid (DIKW Pyramid) So once we know about the Project Manager Competency Development (PMCD) Framework, it is time for us to start working on learning new skills. Learning, practising, mastering new skills not easy and requires commitment and patience. This is where the Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom Pyramid (DIKW…

PMP Concepts

Agile Project Management – PMP/CAPM

Agile Project Management Agile Project Management lets you produce minor deliveries i.e shippable functionality in an efficient and competent way in every iteration. It’s an ideal choice for teams who are working in product development, software design, corporate analys is and related domains. Agile, Lean, JIT is the terms which are IN nowadays for so…


Digital Transformation and Project Management

Digital Transformation and Project Management I am sure lately, you might be as surprised as me to see the role of digital transformation in project management. Nowadays, many companies adopt diverse digital transformation technologies in various situation. Let’s unfold the term and see its significance in project management. Though Carl Benz designed the very first…

PMP Concepts

What Is Project Charter and Its Importance? – PMP/CAPM

Project Charter: An Ultimate Guide to Showcase Your Project A project needs descriptive assistance through which others can understand the technicalities of it. Many would ask what this is? Who does it? Who signs it? Can a project manager write it? Is it a simple project document? Why is it important? The list goes on….