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The Closing Process Group consists of the process(es) performed to formally complete or close a project, phase, or contract. PMBOK 6

So the project that we initiated with the Initiating phase is coming to an end with the Closing Process Group.

A process which is mostly overlooked as resources are moved to other projects or phases and nobody closes the current project properly. This is the smallest process group with only 1 process i.e Close Project but it has a big impact on the future of the organization largely because of documentation of the lessons learned, issues and storage of all these reports for future referrals.

‘Those processes performed to terminate formally all activities of a project or project phase, and the transfer of the completed product to others or to close a cancelled project.’

In this process group, the documents are reviewed to ensure completion before considering the project closed. This process also establishes the procedures to investigate and document the reasons for actions taken if a project is terminated before completion. The closing process group is made up of all final processes that are needed to close a project as well as deliver the final products including reports to the stakeholders.

The project management plan defines how the project will be closed. Before closing the project, the project management plan has to be reviewed to ensure that all the planned work is completed and the project has met its objectives.

 This Process Group, when completed, verifies that the defined processes are completed within all of the Process Groups to close the project or a project phase, as appropriate, and formally establishes that the project or project phase is complete. PMBOK 6

Project Closure Checklist
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As mentioned it deals with three cases

  1. Project Close; means closing a project with project report, consisting of a lesson learned
  2. Phase Completed: Phase is if the project is complex and long and the performing organization has divided the project in small chunks to be delivered. A phase is like a mini-project in that it will comprise the five process groups including the Closing Process Group.
  3. or Early Termination: Premature Closure when either party as per the agreement decides to formally early close the project without delivering its all objectives as agreed in the Project Charter, or in the Agreement

Purpose of the Closing Process Group

  • Verify that the defined processes are completed;
  • Obtain acceptance by the customer or sponsor to formally close the project or phase
  • Conduct post-project or phase-end review and document lessons learned
  • Update organizational process assets

This phase represents the completion of a project. A project manager holds a meeting which is at times referred to “post mortem” to analyze what went excellent in a project, recognize valuable team members and figure out project failures. This is particularly helpful to understand lessons learnt so the improvements are made in upcoming projects.

Characteristics of the Closing Process Group

The following are the characteristics of the closing process group:

  • Probability of completing the project is highest
  • Risk of the project is at its lowest level
  • Stakeholders have the least amount of influence in the project
  • Costs are significantly lower during this process

Tasks in the Closing Process Group

  • Obtain final acceptance of the project deliverables
  • Transfer the ownership of deliverables
  • Obtain financial, legal, and administrative closure
  • Create and distribute a final project report
  • Identify, document, and communicate lessons learned
  • Archive and retain project records
  • Release project resources

Processes in the Closing Process Group (1 Process)

  1. Close Project or Phase Project Integration Management
    Project or Phase is the process of finalizing all activities for the project, phase, or contract

Key Deliverables

•Closeout Report
•Final work products/deliverables or services

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