Conflict Management – Project Management Seminars (PMP) ; 15 Sep, 2018

Conflict Management

A conflict could be anything from a simple argument till a very serious argument or disagreement between two or more individuals.  The conflict management is the process of minimizing the negative aspects of conflict while enhancing positive aspects like Creativity, problem solving and trustworthiness.

This video presented by Mudassir Iqbal aims to elaborate on the significance and concept of conflict management to help organizations increase their group outcomes and overall performance.

We often encounter problems that arise when working in a team. It’s no wrong to say that it’s a natural process when employed in a team. This video from Project Management Series is one of the key pieces of training we offer to managers and supervisors. Learning how to manage conflicts successfully is an essential skill for anyone in management and an effective way to prevent obstacles to professional growth.

Sources of conflict in order of frequency

1) Schedule
2) Project priorities
3) Resources
4)Technical Opinions
5) Administrative procedures
6) Cost
7) Personality.

Personality is the least while the schedule is the most occurring conflict.

Conflict Resolution
Conflict management techniques in the Japanese vs American and Australian

This video is from Project Management Seminars Series presented by Mudassir Iqbal, PMP which goes On-Air every Saturday at 19:00 GMT. The series explores the how to effectively manage projects based on the Project Management Practices suggested in PMBOK Guide by PMI.

The Episode went On-Air on 15 Sep, 2018

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Mudassir Iqbal, PMPMudassir Iqbal, PMPMudassir Iqbal, PMPMudassir Iqbal, PMPMudassir Iqbal, PMPMudassir Iqbal, PMP

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