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Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom Pyramid (DIKW Pyramid)

So once we know about the Project Manager Competency Development (PMCD) Framework, it is time for us to start working on learning new skills. Learning, practising, mastering new skills not easy and requires commitment and patience. This is where the Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom Pyramid (DIKW Pyramid) comes in;

Data Are observed, Collected as Facts, Signals and Symbols
Information Meaningful, purposeful, and relevant data. It will answer interrogative questions
Knowledge provides framed, contextual information, expert insights and even grounded intuition
Wisdom Wisdom adds value, which requires the mental function that we call judgment

The story starts with raw Data, things we collect and observe like signals, symbols, values. The next step is when we try to transform the raw data into useful information. The knowledge they gain from this information helps them taking a wise decision (Wisdom).



Each step up the pyramid answers questions about and adds value to initial data. The more questions we answer, the higher we move up the pyramid.

In the Projects;

We start by collecting the raw data through Work performance data. Based on this work Performance Information is made and distributed for the knowledge of the stakeholders so that they can make an informed wise decision.


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