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Employees are the most important assets to small businesses. Keeping the employees happy is crucial because it ensures that they are productive, and this is precisely what the business needs to grow.

Improving the productivity levels in your business can come drastically from making small habit changes. This will ensure that more can be done within a short time frame and the quality of the job remains very high. It also reduces the time spent handling unnecessary tasks.

If you are looking to be more productive in your business, here are some productivity tips that you can try out with your employees.

Productive In Your Business

Be efficient

You must consider your business’s current operations and make sure you are open to changing how your business operates. You must never forget that prioritizing tasks in a small business is as essential as creating long-term and short-term lists.

Ask yourself if there is a better way for your staff members to structure their day to achieve their daily objectives. Then provide a plan for all your employees and encourage them to create a list according to priority to ensure that they complete the prioritized tasks on time and remain on the tasks all day. This will result in more efficiency in your business.

Delegate tasks

Delegating tasks to some of your employees has its risk element attached to it. However, adding more responsibility to your staff improves their job satisfaction and morale, which is crucial for business growth. So ensure to delegate tasks and give more responsibilities to qualified employees with an excellent track record of attaining success in specific fields. You must trust your employees to do the tasks you delegate to them well.

If your employees get the opportunity to gain leadership experience and skills, this will be very beneficial to your business in the long run. It also gives them a sense of direction and achievement in their careers.

Cut off distractions

There are several distractions and productivity killers that may creep into your employee’s work time, and one of such is social media. It may be practically impossible for your organization to use a no-phone policy, so you must try to keep your employees engaged and focused while also giving them a breather.

You can encourage them to keep their mobile devices turned off, but you may give them regular breaks in which they are free to use their phones. With this, you can ensure that they are more productive with their time on the desk.

Provide the right equipment and tools

You must provide your employees with the right equipment and tools that they need to perform their duties in a timely and efficient manner. For example, you can’t see how counterproductive it is for your employees to wait before they can get to print necessary paperwork because your printing device is slow or malfunctioning.

Providing them with high-quality, modern equipment and programs goes a long way to improve the productivity of your workforce and how others perceive your company. In addition, excellent equipment saves you time, effort, and money in different ways.

Improve the workplace conditions

According to an article, the comfortable temperature to work is between 68oF and 70oF (20-21oC). When the environment is too cold or too hot, it may distract the workers and prevent them from concentrating on the work at hand. Instead, they may spend time trying to turn on the fans or getting their coats, sweating or shivering, etc. Therefore, ensure that you have both air conditioning and heating systems at the office for the relevant season to use them.

Set realistic goals and provide support

One problem that several managers tend to face is not having a clear idea of whether the employees are performing well or poorly. The first thing is to ensure that you have realistic goals and targets set for your employees, then provide them with all the support they need to achieve their goals. Next, determine whether or not they need incentives to remain on track and what you need to offer them. Finally, make sure that all employees and supervisors have clear direction and expectations. Clear goals, focus, and direction will increase everyone’s productivity level.

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Practice positive reinforcement

It will go a long way for your employees if you can encourage and motivate them by offering rewards and incentives. For example, give your employees constructive criticisms when needed, and congratulate and encourage them when they do the job well. In addition, offering personal incentives is an effective way to motivate them to be more productive. For example, it may be a free time out or a free holiday for performing beyond expectations.

You must indicate an employee’s success to other staff to cultivate a sense of achievement or fulfilment and others are motivated. When your employees are encouraged to work hard for rewards or incentives, they will be more productive.

Ensure employee happiness

Employees do not yield any positive results when the workplace and work conditions are stressful. If your workers are forced to work under poor conditions, it will affect their productivity level, and their level of absenteeism and disengagement will increase. They will be unhappy. However, the best way to ensure employee productivity is to ensure that the employees are happy.

When you show them that the organization values, respects, and appreciates their effort, this is gratifying to them on personal levels and will keep them happy. In addition, this will ensure that your business will be successful because everyone is happy and productive.

Making your employees happy allows them to work to their best abilities for the success of the organization.


Productivity is vital for the growth and success of all business organizations. However, productivity always involves the employee. Therefore, for your business to be productive, your employees must be productive. These tips ensure that you can keep your employees’ productivity levels up.

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