Mudassir Iqbal

The OSCAR coaching and mentoring model, developed by Karen Whittleworth and Andrew Gilbert, is a structured framework used for coaching and mentoring interactions. This helps in selecting a situational Leadership style. The acronym “OSCAR” stands for:

  1. Outcome: Clearly define the desired outcome or goal of the coaching or mentoring session. What does the individual hope to achieve or accomplish?
  2. Situation: Assess the current reality or situation. This involves exploring the individual’s current state, challenges, strengths, and any factors influencing their situation
  3. Choices: Generate and explore various options or strategies to help the individual move from their current reality to the desired outcome. This step encourages creative thinking and problem-solving.
  4. Action: Determine the individual’s will or commitment to take action. Explore their motivation, willingness to implement the identified options, and any potential obstacles or concerns.
  5. Review: Establish a clear plan of action. Define the specific steps, timeline, and resources needed to move forward toward the desired outcome.

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