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PMI Application for Certifications is Revamped!! (Sample Attached)

PMI Application is Revamped!!

PMI application has changed the way we enter our experience but are not changing the prerequisites.
PMI Application 2020This revamped application is easier to use and faster to complete, so you can sit for your exam even sooner.

Instead of having to describe your experience by dividing each projects hours into the 5 domains with hours under each process group, now we need to provide the details of the project covering objectives, outcomes and our roles

Please note that;

  1. 36 months and 35 hours course requirement are not changing.
  2. No more contact Information, only once you are selected for Audit. So still keep this information handy as in case you are selected for Audit, you need to know to whom you need to contact

Form Details

  1. Experience which is currently entered as part of Process Groups in 550 characters will now be entered in between 200 to 500 words as;
    1. Project Objective
    2. Outcome
    3. Your role on the project
    4. Your responsibilities
    5. Deliverables
  2. Experiences will be entered against these by moths instead of hours
  3. Methodology as in Waterfall, Adaptive or Hybrid
  4. Team Size
  5. Project budget, here you can opt for classified
  6. Also needs to identify Functional Reporting area in addition to Organizations Primary Focus

Other Important Dates:

  1. PMI Exam change to New Exam content Online on 2, January 2021
  2. PMBOK Ver 7, Q4 release expected

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