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Project Stakeholder Management  (A high-level snapshot)

Project management is about knowing your audience and then manage their interests and expectations. Project Stakeholder Management knowledge area helps you understanding your stakeholders so that you can win the project champions and friend amongst them. The project manager and his team job is to asses the degree to which any project stakeholder will impact or are being impacted by the project. This way the project management team can develop strategies to gain the support from the top stakeholders for the project.

Project Stakeholder Management Knowledge Area Processes

Identify Stakeholders (Initiation)

  • It enables the project team to identify the appropriate focus for engagement of each stakeholder or group of stakeholders
  • the process of identifying project stakeholders regularly and analyzing and documenting relevant information regarding their interests, involvement, interdependencies, influence, and potential impact on project success
  • performed periodically
  • Identify Stakeholders early in the project is critical for project success so to analyze their levels of interest, their individual expectations, as well as their importance and influence.

Plan Stakeholder Engagement

  • It provides an actionable plan to interact effectively with stakeholders.
Project Stakeholder Management Knowledge Area
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  • the process of developing approaches to involve project stakeholders based on their needs, expectations, interests, and potential impact on the project
  • Performed periodically throughout the project as needed
  • Manage Stakeholder Engagement

    • it allows the project manager to increase support and minimize resistance from stakeholders
    • the process of communicating and working with stakeholders to meet their needs and expectations, address issues, and foster appropriate stakeholder involvement
    • performed throughout the project

    Monitor Stakeholder Engagement

    • it maintains or increases the efficiency and effectiveness of stakeholder engagement activities as the project evolves and its environment changes
    • the process of monitoring project stakeholder relationships and tailoring strategies for engaging stakeholders through modification of engagement strategies and plans
    • performed throughout the project

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