The Project Management Institute has articulated 12 Project Management principles in the PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition.

These 12 Project Management Principles include stewardship, teamwork, stakeholder engagement, value creation, systems thinking, leadership, tailored approaches, quality focus, managing project complexity, risk management, building adaptability and resiliency, and change management.

Stewardship refers to acting responsibly, with integrity, trustworthiness, and compliance.

Teamwork involves working collaboratively to achieve shared objectives.

Stakeholder engagement involves engaging stakeholders to contribute to project success.

Value creation involves maximizing value by focusing on outcomes.

Systems thinking focuses on taking a holistic view of a project.

Leadership involves adapting to the situation and demonstrating the desired behavior.

Tailored approaches involve adapting project development to the unique context of the project.

Quality focus involves meeting acceptance criteria and ensuring effective project processes.

Managing project complexity and risks involves identifying and addressing elements of complexity and risk.

Building adaptability and resiliency involves responding to changing conditions and recovering quickly from setbacks.

Finally, change management involves helping individuals, groups, and the organization transition from the current state to a future desired state.

Details on 12 Project Management Principles

In summary, successful project management requires a holistic approach that encompasses a range of principles and practices. This includes stewardship, collaborative teamwork, stakeholder engagement, a focus on value and outcomes, systems thinking, effective leadership, tailored project development approaches, quality management, navigation of complexity and risk, adaptability and resilience, and effective change management. By applying these principles and practices, project teams can deliver successful outcomes that meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders while maximizing value and minimizing risk.

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