Projects Benefits Management Plan

Mudassir Iqbal, a professional skills trainer, gives an in-depth overview of the Projects Benefits Management Plan. He talks about how a Benefits Management Plan helps the organization identifies the timeline of the promised benefits in the business case and how to measure a success when they are delivered. The goal of undertaking projects is to offer tangible or intangible benefits as an outcome of delivering the products of the project.

There are several different types of benefits for a project such as minimizing business costs through the automation of a procedure, enhancing the corporate sales with advanced and new products, and meeting the requirements of a statutory or governing matter. You might often think how to achieve value from your investments. Mudassir Iqbal discusses a structured way to make sure you acquire benefits from your investments in which stakeholders’ engagement forms an essential part of this process. Also, the Benefits Management Plan is reviewed consistently throughout the project to ensure the declared benefits are on the right track of delivery.

Benefits Management Plan
Marnewick, C. & Labuschagne, L. (2010). Benefits management in practice: an exploratory investigation. Paper presented at PMI® Research Conference: Defining the Future of Project Management, Washington, DC. Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute.

This video is from Project Management Seminars Series presented by Mudassir Iqbal, PMP which goes On-Air every Saturday at 19:00 GMT. The series explores the how to effectively manage projects based on the Project Management Practices suggested in PMBOK Guide by PMI.

The Episode went On-Air on 8 Sep, 2018


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