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Every item we ever purchase comes in some sort of package, which could be a box or a cover. This box is the primary marketing and persuasion tool utilised by the company to convince you that its product is superior to the competition. This packaging provides limited room to play and market, which the seller must utilise well for product promotion.

It’s a fun and visual approach to investigating the distinct advantages that your product offers over similar ones.

In Agile software development, a product box refers to a visual representation of a product that is being developed. It provides a high-level overview of the product, including its purpose, functionality, and sometimes user stories, and is used to help prioritize and manage the development process. The product box is often used as a tool in Agile project management to keep the development team aligned and focused on delivering the most important and valuable features to the customer. The greater the team’s confidence in the product’s business value, the more easily it can create the product and generate useful ideas for it.

Benefits of using Product Box

There are several reasons why using product boxes in Agile software development can be beneficial:

10 amazing ways to use a product box at work!
Written by Jurgen De Smet
  1. Clarity and Focus: Product boxes provide a clear and concise overview of the product or feature being developed, helping the development team focus on delivering the most valuable outcomes to the customer.
  2. Prioritization: The prioritization score or ranking in the product box helps the development team prioritize work and make informed decisions about which features to develop first.
  3. Improved Communication: Product boxes can help improve communication between different stakeholders, such as the development team, product owners, and customers, by providing a common understanding of the product or feature being developed.
  4. Visibility and Transparency: Product boxes provide visibility into the development process, making it easier for stakeholders to understand the progress and status of the project.
  5. Adaptability: Product boxes are flexible and can be updated as requirements and priorities change, helping the development team respond quickly to changing circumstances.

Overall, product boxes are a simple and effective tool that can help the development team deliver valuable outcomes to the customer by providing clarity, focus, and improved communication.

The Product box is a classic from the Agile games line.

This game was developed by Bill Shakelford and popularized by Jim Highsmith, both “founding fathers” of the Agile method. It is usually used to launch new projects, to help facilitate any vision-oriented discussion and to determine a new product’s range.

A strategy for explaining an overarching solution in which stakeholders attempt to describe components of a solution in the same manner a marketer could describe product features and benefits on a box. It covers Features and unique selling points.


10 amazing ways to use a product box at work!

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