Business Case

Business Case is a validation for a proposed business based on its expected commercial benefit. In this video, Mudassir Iqbal presents the significance of the Business Case for sustainability and reliable evidence that computes the value of an organization incorporating sustainability.

As the project begins, the Business Case establishes the ultimate aim of the project for all stakeholders including the project manager and sponsor. Often there are concerns regarding what is expected from a project. Formulating the Business Case takes the discussion from “what do we intend to build” to “why do we intend to build?”. This provides a justification to start with a project. Our expert highlights how a great Business Case offers several competitive benefits to accomplish organizational objectives.

Business Case
Larson, R. & Larson, E. (2011). Creating bulletproof business cases. Paper presented at PMI® Global Congress 2011—North America, Dallas, TX. Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute.

The Project Management Series is about providing a hybrid of information and teaching for entrepreneurs. Each video is created with the purpose of providing value and information to succeed in a project management role.

The Episode went On-Air on 8 Sep, 2018


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