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Joseph M. Juran is a renowned quality management expert and one of the pioneers of the quality movement. He is best known for his work in the field of Total Quality Management (TQM) and his contributions to the development of the quality management framework known as the “Juran Trilogy.” or Quality Trilogy, 

The Juran Trilogy is a three-step approach to quality management that includes quality planning, quality control, and quality improvement.

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  1. Quality planning (Quality by Design) : This step involves identifying the customer’s needs and expectations, and determining how to meet those needs.
  2. Quality control (Process Control & Regulatory): This step involves monitoring and measuring the process to ensure that it meets the quality standards set in the planning phase.
  3. Quality improvement (Lean Six Sigma): This step involves making changes to the process to improve its performance, and identifying and eliminating the root causes of defects.

Juran’s approach emphasizes the importance of involving all employees in the quality improvement process and making quality management a part of the organization’s overall strategy.

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