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Six Sigma is a quality management methodology that is used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s processes.

The goal is to identify and eliminate defects in a process, and to reduce variability in the process by using statistical methods and data analysis.

Six Sigma approach

The approach is based on a data-driven methodology known as DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control). The DMAIC process includes the following steps:

  1. Define: Identify the process that needs improvement and define the problem or opportunity.
  2. Measure: Collect data on the process and measure its performance.
  3. Analyze: Analyze the data to identify the root causes of the problem.
  4. Improve: Develop and implement solutions to improve the process.
  5. Control: Establish controls to maintain the improvements and monitor the process to ensure that it remains in control.

It is often associated with manufacturing and production processes, but it can be applied to any process in any industry, including healthcare, finance, and service industries. It is used to improve the overall quality of an organization’s processes and it is a highly data-driven approach.

Sigma Values

Are used in the Six Sigma methodology to indicate the level of quality or process performance. The term “sigma” is used to represent the standard deviation of a process, and it is used as a measure of the process’s deviation from perfection.

A sigma value is calculated by measuring the number of defects per million opportunities (DPMO) and then converting that value to a sigma rating. A higher sigma value indicates a higher level of process quality, as it means that there are fewer defects and less deviation from perfection.

The Sigma value of 6 corresponds to 3.4 defects per million opportunities. It’s important to note that achieving a sigma value of 6 is considered almost impossible in most real-world processes, this is why Six Sigma projects usually focus on achieving sigma values of 3 or above.

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