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Project management tools can incredibly help businesses to efficiently manage projects no matter how complicated they are. With so many options available, choosing the right tool might be overwhelming for you. Whether you are working independently, running a small business or a multi-billion-dollar company or anything in between, you are more likely to find impressive software to help you with the business requirements. These applications are remarkably transforming with every passing day and subsequently, it’s important to keep yourself updated. If you are planning a project management tool, read on!

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1 Basecamp

Basecamp has progressively been around for several years and has built an incredible level of the customer base. The software stands out replacing many paid services. You will frequently find private messaging, file storage, real-time chat, scheduling and much more. It offers an organized and powerful interface which makes it a pretty straightforward tool to deal with most tasks. You can conveniently work with clients. Also, the email integration option is what you will like the most. Currently, there is no free plan. Though the 30-day trial is more than generous. Lastly, you can customize the notifications as per your requirement. Also, you will get both desktop and mobile versions.

2 Zoho Projects

Another popular project management tool for your team’s productivity! Zoho Projects come with almost all standard features you can expect from a project management application at a reasonable price. Whether it is customized reporting or workflow management, the tool can handle never-ending projects. Besides, it allows for powerful integration with other services both with Zoho’s application and other prominent players such as Google. There is a dedicated tracking tool that comes with most practical features. You can contact project team members through the inbuilt chat app. Unlike many competitors, the software charges a flat fee primarily depending on features. This results in considerable cost savings on complex projects. Both web and mobile versions are readily available.

3 is one of the best visual project management software that significantly helps transform the way different teams work together. It’s a simple yet spontaneous tool that allows employees to manage work, successfully meet the deadline and create a culture of transparency. It let you conveniently design and customize your dashboards to gain crucial insights and an overview of the project. You will be able to easily track what the team is working on and empower your team to accomplish their ultimate goals. An independent board allows you to see what all team members are working on and immediately provide information or feedback. Because different teams come with varying needs – flexibility is the key. With this software, you can comfortably manage your workflow and address any upcoming challenges.

4 Liquid Planner

Liquid Planner has received immense appreciation from many project managers and definitely for good reasons. The tool is integrated with prominent cloud storage that allows powerful reporting. You will find zapier support to help you easily build automated connections with other business tools if required. You can expect all the standard features whether it is general resource management or issue tracker. It’s up to you whether you want to assign a project to an individual or the entire team, the software automatically tracks the project deliverables. With many additional features that come with great complexity, the tool has some trickier aspects and subsequently require enough time to set up. The software is best suited to both small and big teams. Learn and master the tool!

4 Workzone

Workzone is another leading project management software. Not only the tool is easy to use, but it also offers a bigger view of your projects. Decision-makers can easily identify diverse trends and assign staff when required. The software comes with different templates that help you standardize business procedures and quickly initiate them without needing to design them from scratch every time. Visual features such as Gantt charts let teams view multiple tasks, timelines, and responsibilities as allocated to them. Other valuable add-ons include personalized to-do lists, resource application reports, integrated project requests, collective documentation, and task management functionality. Workzone is best suited to marketing and project management teams. You will have three options to choose from including Team, Professional and Enterprise. Though API access is only provided in the Enterprise plan.

6 CoConstruct

CoConstruct is one of the best-rated remodelers and customer builder software. This project management software is exclusively designed to assist team coordination, easy and quick communication with the clients, and managing the overall chaos of custom building. It features a calendar that will let you effectively coordinate schedules and ensure the deadlines are met for every task. Besides, the comment section allows users to inform the team involved in a project and update them in real-time. Certainly a good option for your project requirements.

7 Sciforma

Sciforma is a highly dependable software that lets PMOs and project managers achieve supreme growth and reach strategic goals through efficient project portfolio management. Project managers can fully benefit from its excellent capabilities – the programs and portfolios, resources, project planning, demand and supply, time tracking, data drive decisions and much more. It’s time to explore powerful portfolio status synopses, project scores, portfolio recreations, and effective capacity planning. Sciforma is absolutely practical software to help businesses in the long run.

Final Thoughts

The field of project management is diverse! There are twists and turns and a bunch of complexity. Isn’t it? Fortunately, you will find many project management tools to perfectly keep you on track. Above I have discussed the most commonly used tools for project management to help businesses with their multiple functions. By the end of the day, the ultimate target is to achieve project deliverables. To do so in an organized way, project management software is not an option, it’s a must! If you have any queries regarding the tools discussed in this article or you simply want to give your feedback, write to me in the comment section below.


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