Empathy is referred to the experience and the ability to understand the viewpoints and emotions of other people. It is beyond sympathy because not only you are being sympathetic but understanding the situation as well. Being empathetic is no longer a soft skill. While it sounds very simple and easy, it’s one of the most challenging things to learn. Instead of simply wondering, you need to understand how I would feel in this situation. When understanding what the other person is going through, you might not be able to set certain limits or a visible boundary. Think outside the box and cultivate a true sense of awareness.

Throughout my career journey, I have always encouraged my project management students to be good listeners. To better understand your team members, it’s important to listen. Let them speak their heart out and understand their problems with an open mind. Your team will be more likely to feel respected when they can give their input or put forward any concerns. In addition to listening to their words, pay attention to their body language as well. At times, non-verbal expressions can tell a lot. Focus on their gestures or facial expressions for improved understanding.

  1. Service Orientation for Organizational Success : Being an empathetic project manager, understand the significance of the project before you proceed
  2. Grow Your Team : When giving time and attention to your team, they in turn are more likely to improve performance and come up with productive outcomes
  3. Encourage Diversity : Keep in mind that workplace diversity can make your business productive & profitable
  4. Political Awareness : Political awareness is an important element of emotional intelligence (EI) and more specifically the empathy

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