When we talk about project management, it’s one of the most functional management cores in organizations around the globe. While we talk about technical or hard skills more often to better compete in this field, I decided to explore the soft skills domain and how it can contribute to the entire concept. The foremost model with great significance in this wide-ranging field is emotional intelligence. Once again, I would say emotional intelligence is way too broad to be explained in one article. Therefore, I have selected one important segment of emotional intelligence “Self-Awareness”. Let’s talk about it!

Self-Awareness Essential to Emotional Intelligence

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If you are looking forward to understanding the core concept of self-awareness, all you need to do is take a step back and evaluate your behavior – this includes your motivation, ethics, and feelings. You need to understand your personality and how it is working in a professional setting. The theory goes way further than intellectual understanding. You will need to understand the emotional state whether it is contentment, distress, or anger which makes an important part of our life.

It won’t be exaggerating to say that self-awareness makes the foundation to manage our thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. It makes an important groundwork for the understanding and consideration that inspire social intelligence in a work environment. This can lead to effective communication and collaboration among the team and encourage healthy relationships. By implementing these strategies in my years of career, I have found that focusing on ourselves helps us evaluate our behaviour and associate it with the values and standards of the organization.

Now let’s talk about emotional awareness. It is referred to the ability to comprehend, cope and apply the power of emotions in a real-life setting. An old school of thought says that keeps your emotions out of the workplace. However, this cannot be applied in a real situation. Emotions stay with you wherever you are and suppressing those means you are making decisions with very limited information.

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